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Bliss Center

The perfect spot for your small group's overnight/weekend retreat or a country setting for a one-day meeting for a larger group.

The Center is located on ten rural acres of hickory forest, on a well-maintained blacktop road. It's a great place to get your attendees away from worries and everyday distractions.

While they are here, encourage them to make use of the facilities on site, and there are outdoor cooking and picnic areas to take advantage of. And of course the hickory grove is a great place for walking or meditation. 

This conference facility was built to host Great Banquet three-day weekend sessions in Southeastern Illinois. GB needed a large meeting room, a huge area for meals, lots of sleeping facilities (sleeps 64 people), and bathrooms and showers for attendees. The Center sits across the road from the church building, in the 10-acre hickory grove, where there were already many excellent facilities and where the famous Orio Chowder has been held since 1920. The facility was dedicated in 2008, naming it for Rev. Stephen Bliss, the first pastor of the church in 1822.

Since the Great Banquets occupy the facility only a few weekends each year, the Bliss Center and adjacent facilities are available for use by other churches/groups/organizations who desire an off-site, unique place to meet, fellowship, teach, inspire, make plans, or simply meditate. In this way we share with others some of the blessings that God has given us.

Contact us today about your plans. We would love to hear from you!

Bliss Conference Room

Our large conference room will accommodate 50+ attendees. Sound system, microphones, and videoprojector are available, along with ample chairs and tables. The entire center is air-conditioned. Sixty-four bunk-beds are located in the two wings adjacent to the conference room.

Bliss Center Bathrooms

There are two large bathrooms, each with three sinks and three stalls and three showers. All house-keeping services are the responsibility of the Center users.

Bliss Center kitchen

For small groups this kitchen in the Center will prove sufficient. Refrigerator, electric stove, a double sink are provided with limited cabinet space. Large groups serve meals in the Community Hall, a nearby air-conditioned/heated building with a basket-ball-court sized dining room. Food may be prepared and served from a large, well-equipped kitchen located there.

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