The Wabash Presbyterian (Orio) Cemetery

Officially named The Wabash Presbyterian Cemetery, the cemetery is known locally simply as the Orio Cemetery. In 1833 Adam Shepard migrated from New Hampshire, and was deeded a quarter-section (160 acres) in the Orio area. Shepard and his wife gave two acres of land to be used as a church site and cemetery. In May, 1837, Betsey Bliss (the pastor's wife) died and was buried on the donated land. This determined the church site.

In 1920, the first annual Orio Chowder was held for the purpose of providing funds for the upkeep of the cemetery. That tradition continues today, having never missed a year.

The cemetery today contains over 930 documented burials. Documentation of the interments and pictures of the tombstones can be found on, along with all other Wabash County cemeteries.